Micro Wedding Services

What exactly is a micro wedding? A micro wedding is a ceremony and reception for 50 or less people. The traditional activities of a wedding still happen, just in front of a small guest size.

Micro weddings are not necessarily new to the wedding industry, now it’s becoming more of a requirement instead of a preference. Let the Elle Kay team make your mirco wedding magical!

Full Planning

Let an experienced planner help you navigate through your special day. A smaller guest count doesn't mean less management. It means more attention to details and more opportunity to make your special day extra intimate. We have the perfect vendors who will bring your special day to life. You take care of the guest count, let us take care of the details!

Partial Planning

Handling logistics isn't for the fainted heart...or your maid of honor. You've planned a special celebration, selected all your vendors, picked the perfect design and now its time to let an experienced coordinator handle the logistics. Every special celebration has an outstanding coordinator behind the scenes. Even if the event is for 50 or less people, someone has to make it run smoothly. Let's us handle it for you!

Customized Vendor Listing

Planners know people, who know people. Let's us take out the guess work if that vendor is perfect for you. After an initial consultation, we will curate a customized vendor listing that will fit your style and budget. We will also identify the vendor's availability for your wedding day as well as highlight booking details. Having the perfect vendor team will make your wedding day magical!

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