Chat with Elle Kay

La Toya Keys, affectionately known as Elle Kay, is a multi-published event designer and owner of Elle Kay Events, has been in the wedding and events industry since 2013. Chat with Elle Kay, an annual event created in 2017, is her labor of love. During this intimate session, new and aspiring event planners can enter a judgment-free zone to ask questions related to owning a wedding and/or event business.

Community over competition! This is a term often heard in the wedding and events industry... and it is a statement La Toya agrees with on so many levels. She's often asked "can we meet for lunch or coffee?" and while she'd love to meet with everyone who asks, it simply isn't possible. But you know what is?! A day where she candidly and honestly answers your questions, while also sharing tips and advice about the industry. She spills some serious tea, in a fun and loving way. If you are just starting out in the industry, have been here for a while or wondering if this is something that you'd like to do, definitely come to chat with Elle Kay.

This year's Chat with Elle Kay will be held at Muse Coffee Studio

Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 2:00 PM

Topics Discussed:
- the importance of onboarding and offboarding clients
-  creating a client experience
- identifying your target market
- pricing strategies


Limited registration. 

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food, beverage and a special planner's essential swag bag to be provided

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